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Allea’s primary assets are people: partners, consultants, employees and local correspondents, who work with talent, competence, passion and creativity.

Emilia Blanchetti


She started her career in 1984 in ACI, Automobile Club Italiano as project manager for the air ambulance service. In 1991 she worked as  Director of communication in PRES (Siemens Group). In 1998 she joined PDC, a communication agency, where she worked as editorial services manager and served as Director. From 1998 to 2001 she worked as editor-in-chief of “e-gov”, Maggioli Group. In 2002 she co-founded Allea. She has been working in the field of public and institutional communication, consensus building and industry advocacy for over twenty years. She participated in the organization of major public events and in the development of magazines and online editorial projects, at national and international level.

She is vice chairman of Aris and scientific coordinator of Festival dell’Energia.

She helps develop courses on subjects associated to communication and consensus management (Ied, Bocconi University, Pisa University). She is a member of Ferpi (Italian Public Relations Federation). And she is a writer; her novel “Tramonti d’Occidente” was published by Autodafé.

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